Delivery Information

Hardware and Delivery procedures:

Boxes Forwarded to the Dispatcher for final check against order, labeling and sealing ready for dispatch.

2U rack server waiting for final check before dispatch.

Internal packaging for a factory Refurbished Dell Poweredge Server.

A Dell Poweredge Server on the Check in line, complete with Manuals, Dell Set up Software, Cables, Bezel, Keyboard and Mouse.

It would be at this stage where any Server upgrades and configuration you have asked for would be carried out, ie more memory, more storage, additional cards, Software installation etc. Factory refurbished Dell Computer offers exceptional value for money with full Dell hardware support as specified and is a system that has:

Been returned to Dell for various reasons or the Order was built, but delivery never completed for various reasons.

All factory refurbished systems supplied by us have a Dell 3 Years Next Business day on site Warranty starting from the stocking date displayed.

These are not discontinued models, in the main, they are current and up to date.

Purchase & Delivery:

On the specifications we display, we include the system tag numbers for individual accountability on each system as well as the stock date and warranty date. If it is "in stock", it will states this; alternatively, if it is "awaiting delivery" it means that it can be ordered only through the phone +44 (0)1624815400 and will have a longer lead time.

1) You will receive an order confirmation detailing complete specification, pricing and delivery/invoice details.

2) A copy of this will arrive with Technical & Dispatch.

3) They pull the system from stock

4) Your System will then be checked again for any damage and correct specification. A Quality Control Checklist is Completed. Any Upgrades and additional software installations and configurations are all done at this point.

5) The system is then cleaned - particularly for accumulated finger marks etc from the checking in and checking out handling and repacked in the original box.

6) The system is then handed to the dispatcher with the Order confirmation, stock sheets and quality control sheet signed off.

7) The dispatcher then does a final quick check for anything that may have been overlooked on the order, seals the box and raises the labels and routes the box to the collection area ready for the delivery vans.

The Check in/ Check out line is recorded on CCTV for quality control management, security and quality control training.